Miss Gifty Atampugbire
Public Health Nurse, Bolgatanga, Ghana

Miss Gifty Atampugbire is a registered Public Health Nurse at the Bolgatanga Municipal Health Directorate in the Upper East Region of Ghana. Driver by her passion for civic engagement, she’s been engaged in various volunteering works and performing supervisory roles at her work environs and beyond.

She is a Researcher, Health Tutor, Trainer, Facilitator and Counselor with twelve (12) years of experience in rural health service and development, policy and public health advocacy on Maternal and Child Health, Childhood Obesity, Breast and Cervical cancers, Immunization, Communicable and Non-Communicable Disease, Emerging and Re-emerging diseases. Accountability and transparency, hard work, respect for authority and team work are my values. I seek to develop and utilize my knowledge, expertise and experience in public health issues to identify and prevent communicable diseases notably diabetes and hypertension among the youth in my region; Upper East and societal needs of basic health care delivering by bringing nursing to the doorstep of people who need it most. With my skillset, I hope to provide relevant public health solutions to these needs at deprived/neglected/hard to reach communities. Good communication, facilitation, organizing and leading events are some of my skills.

Her interest areas are but not limited to Maternal and Child Health, Non-communicable Diseases (NCDs) such as Hypertension and Diabetes, Cervical and Breast Cancers, Community Health and Public Health Advocacy and Policy, Leadership and Management and Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs).

It's her utmost priority to ensure that people live healthy lives in very clean environments, that the poor even though they lack basic resources for a comfortable life; diseases and various ailments should be least of their worry as well as getting most of the people within the districts especially the "too busy" people get to know their health status (drivers, cooperate bodies, market women) precisely the silent killer diseases; Hypertension, Diabetes, Glaucoma and Cataract. She has a strong background in community and radio engagement, tutoring, counselling, training and facilitating.

To be the change that she desires to see, she has formed a health group called "HEALTH STORM-GH" (PUBLIC HEALTH AT YOUR DOORSTEP) which comprises of Health Professionals who have taken it upon themselves to render free health services by impacting communities, schools, churches, mosques, People Living with Disabilities institutions through health education, radio discussions, screenings, vaccination, treatment of common ailments and referrals to the appropriate health facilities if need be.

Miss Atampugbire aspires to build a healthy, livable and connected community for all as well as a community free of diseases where people are empowered with the right health information and knowledge to help them live healthy lives and be able to make informed choices concerning their health.

Her Professional Development goal is to become more proactive in the prevention of childhood obesity, diabetes, hypertension, master the art of conflict resolution, become more resilient, be able to ignore my limitations and build my mind-set to make it conducive for growth as well as how to work and live in peaceful coexistence with different people worldwide.

She is poised to using health advocacy with collaborative efforts between health teams and communities to achieve her aim of reducing disease morbidities and mortalities in the country.

Motto: Prevention First!       

VISION: A healthy, livable and connected community for all as well as a community free of diseases and people empowered with knowledge to help them live healthy lives and be able to make informed choices concerning their health.

Miss Atampugbire has won several awards and recognitions notable among them are; “Mrs. Emma Helen Banga Health Advocacy and Human Rights Award 2021” Ghana Registered Nurses and Midwives Association National Annual Awards, Winner of Youth Excellence Awards-Africa “Youth at the Frontline COVID-19” 2020 and part of the 100 Most Influential Personalities from Northern Ghana (Health and Well Category) in 2020.

She continues to serve as a beacon of hope to society, a lampstand to her colleagues and a mentor to the younger nurses and midwives.