The Ghana Non-Communicable Disease Alliance (Ghana NCD Alliance- GhNCDA) is a network of NGOs with a common vision of creating a healthy Ghana, free from non-communicable diseases (NCDs) and a key partner of government; since its inception in 2017, the GhNCDA has worked assiduously towards achieving its vision through; advocacy, capacity building, health promotion, policy support, engagement with government officials/agencies, community mobilization and the meaningful involvement of people living with NCDs.

The GhNCDA is a member of the Multisectoral National Steering Committee on NCDs which oversees the country’s implementation of NCD projects and interventions. In 2020, GhNCDA was awarded by the UN Interagency Task Force on NCDs as an outstanding contributor to the NCDs-related SDGs.

GhNCDA’s Our Views, Our Voices (OVOV) initiative has since 2018, equipped people living with NCDs with the requisite skills, knowledge and opportunities to be active players in growing the NCD movement. Most importantly, the OVOV has reduced the stigma and discrimination attached to living with NCDs and improved government’s understanding of the concept of meaningful involvement.

Prior to Ghana cohosting the International Strategic Dialogue on NCDs in April, 2022, the GhNCDA has held four editions of its flagship event, the National High-Level Meeting on NCDs; elevating and sustaining the NCD burden narrative as a national priority and discussing multi-stakeholder solutions.

To provide local evidence to instigate policies and legislative action for NCDs prevention and control, the GhNCDA has successfully conducted, launched and disseminated studies on a “Situational Analysis of Alcohol Use in Ghana” as well as a “Situational Analysis on the Status of NCDs within the context of UHCs in Ghana” among other publications.

The GhNCDA team works each day towards becoming the leading organization contributing towards reducing NCDs-deaths and disabilities in Ghana and beyond.

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