Dr. Kingsley Pereko
President, GAND 

Dr. Kingsley Pereko for over 20 years now has been involved in community-based nutrition and public health intervention. The last fourteen (14) years of my career were spent teaching and conducting research in lifestyle, community-based interventions to address maternal and child nutrition, and nutrition and food security. My research focus over the years has been on nutrition and lifestyle, community-based interventions to address maternal and child nutrition, nutrition, and food security. My expertise includes mixed methods research through various implementations and evaluations of nutrition and public health intervention programs, since 2002 in Ghana and some parts of West Africa.  I served as a co-lead in the first phase project (2021/2022) of the Netherland Partnership, Urban food environment coalition in piloting the Farm Accra project and stakeholder sensitization and training on Nutrition Profiling and front-of-pack labeling options aimed at promoting a healthy food environment in Urban Ghana.   I trained as an African Nutrition Leader and have since led many a coalition in improving nutrition in Ghana. Working as a volunteer for Red Cross Ghana, I led various community-based nutrition and Health interventions across all regions of Ghana. I also led as an interim President in the establishment of the Ghana Nutrition Academy of which I am currently the president. I do also serve as the President of the Ghana Urban Food Environment Coalition a group of individuals and organizations aimed at ensuring a healthier food environment. I am a Senior Lecturer and the Head of the Community Medicine Department of the University of Cape Coast, School of Medical Sciences. I am committed to leading the Ghana Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics in playing its role in the Sugar-Sweetened Beverage (SSB) Tax project in Ghana. I believe it would help improve our food environment.